lampe chrétienne christ roi
lampe chrétienne christ roi
lampe chrétienne christ roi
lampe chrétienne christ roi

Christ the King Christian Lamp

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This magnificent, ultra-elegant wooden Christ the King Christian Lamp should please you very much.

  • Impeccable quality and European standards
  • Size: 19cm long and 19cm wide
  • Sold with a USB cable and a user kit
  • Shock resistant
  • Power of 5V 1A 3.3W
  • 100% Free Delivery

If you are looking for a Christian decoration to add a bright touch to your room, the Christ the King Wooden Christian Lamp with the image of our Lord is a perfect choice. Its natural and trendy design will adapt to all styles of decoration while adding deep meaning to the room . Whether you place it on your desk or bedside table, this wooden Christian lamp is a decorative piece that will attract attention and remind you of the presence of the Lord in your life.

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